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   Australia, New Zealand: au@abrites.com

   Algeria:  algeria@abrites.com

   Belarus:  belarus@abrites.com

   Benelux - Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg: benelux@abrites.com

   Brazil:  brazil@abrites.com

   Czech Republic: cz@abrites.com

   China, Taiwan, Hong Kong: china@abrites.com

   Denmark / Scandinavia: dk@abrites.com

   France: fr@abrites.com

   Germany: de@abrites.com - A. Wendt GmbH  

   Greece: greece@abrites.com

   Hungary: hungary@abrites.com

   Israel:  israel@abrites.com  - "Peer Locks" - Josh Levi

   Italy: it@abrites.com

   Japan: japan@abrites.com - Automiltech.LLC

   Kazakhstan: kz@abrites.com

   Lithuania,Latvia, Estonia : lt@abrites.com - BalticDiagnostic Service, UAB

   Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Malta, Mauritius, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda: lebanon@abrites.com

   Macedonia: macedonia@abrites.com

   Morocco: morocco@abrites.com

   Malaysia, Singapore: malaysia@abrites.com

   United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria : gcc@abrites.com

   Oman:  oman@abrites.com

   Poland: pl@abrites.com

   Romania: romania@abrites.com

   Serbia: serbia@abrites.com

   Slovakia: sk@abrites.com

   South Africa: za@abrites.com

   Spain, Portugal:  spain@abrites.com - Mercokey

   Tunisia : tunisia@abrites.com - LSAutomotive Tunisia

   Turkey: turkey@abrites.com  - Otocheck

   Ukraine:  ukraina@abrites.com
   UK, Ireland : uk@abrites.com - KAPDiagnostics Ltd.

   USA: usa@abrites.com - ABRITES USA



"Thanks to all our partners for their professionalism and dedication, and for their support in winning our customers' confidence."



ABRITES LTD. is a recognized leader in one of the fastest growing market sectors in the World: electronic equipment for car diagnostics, reprogramming automobile modules, etc. In order to develop a winning business with secure return on investments, it is necessary to have a responsible, trustworthy and committed partner.

ABRITES LTD. offers you its full support so that together we can deal with any challenges and problems, and celebrate the success which only satisfied customers can bring us.